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UCLA AIDS Institute Center For Aids Research

Conferences and seminars

Conferences and seminars

UCLA AIDS Institute conferences, grand rounds and seminars.In This Section 


Weekly Cross-Disciplinary Conference

Summer Break until September 2014.


AIDS Institute Grand Rounds
Second Friday of each month

Supported by the UCLA CFAR

The Grand Rounds lecture series consists of hour-long lunchtime lectures, delivered by invited guests or distinguished members of the Institute faculty. The aims of the program are to highlight important developments in AIDS-related research, encourage collaborations between UCLA investigators and invited speakers, interest young investigators in AIDS research, and provide information about new findings and funding opportunities.


PROGRAM AREA (Title/topic)

09/13/13 Dr. David Gere Director, UCLA Art & Global Health Center "Implementing an Arts-based Inoculation against HIV: UCLA Sex Squad and AMP!"
10/11/13 Dr. Keith Jerome Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center, University of Washington "Targeted mutagenesis for cure of HIV and other chronic viral infections"
11/08/13 NO MEETING
12/13/13 Dr. Grant Colfax Director, White House Office of National AIDS Policy "National HIV/AIDS Strategy and the HIV Care Continuum Initiative"
01/10/14 Dr. Paul Sax Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School "The Most Important Studies in HIV Medicine in the Past Year, and Why"
02/14/14 Dr. Kathy Sanders-Phillips Professor - Department of Pediatrics, Howard University College of Medicine "HIV/AIDS Risk in South Africa-Implications for Research in the U.S."

Dr. David Wilson

Director, HIV/AIDS Programs, The World Bank, Washington DC "The End of AIDS: The Road to Implementation"
04/11/14 Dr. Dan Stein Professor and Chair, University of Cape Town, Psychiatry & Mental Health "Research Collaborations with Developing Countries: An African Perspective"
05/09/14 Dr. Satya Dandekar Professor and Chair, Medical Microbiology and Immunology, UC Davis School of Medicine "HIV, Microbiota and Immunity at the Gut Mucosal Interface"
06/13/14 Dr. Katherine Luzuriaga RSVP Director, Umass Center for Clinical and Translational Science "Early Therapy and Pediatric HIV-1 Reservoirs:  Potential for a Cure"

UCLA Meetings

National Meetings

  • 2014 National CFAR Social and Behavioral Sciences Research Network (SBSRN) meeting. Hosted by UCLA. October 2014. More information

International Meetings

  • 20th International AIDS Conference| July 20-25, 2014, Melbourne, Australia.
    Registration open More information.



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