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UCLA AIDS Institute Center For Aids Research

Conferences and seminars

Conferences and seminars

UCLA AIDS Institute conferences, grand rounds and seminars.In This Section 


Weekly Cross-Disciplinary Conference

Tuesdays 9:00am, BSRB Room 154

Supported by the UCLA CFAR.

It is essential for researchers to keep abreast of the work being done by colleagues in a variety of disciplines. To facilitate this, the UCLA CFAR sponsors a weekly conference featuring presentations made by researchers working in both basic and translational sciences, clinical therapeutics and biomedical prevention. The topics covered include, among many others, novel therapeutics, vaccines, stem-cell research, aging, and viral pathogenesis.

Apr 5 Joseph Kim/Mark Grossman (Yang)
Apr 12 Xinghong Dai (Sun)/Swati Seth (An)
Apr 19 Yushen Du (Sun)/Christian Hofmann (Yang)
Apr 26 Gaju Suryavanshi (Chen)/Ke Ding (Zhou)
May 3 Jordan Lake/Marta Epeldegui (Martinez-Maza)
May 10 Travis Chapa (Sun)/Xuekui Yu (Zhou)
May 17 Paul Krogstad/TBA
May 24 Songying Ouyang (Zhou)
Jun 7 Gurpreet Brar (Wu)/Stefanie Homann (Kelesidis)
Jun 14 Tian-Hao Zhang (Sun)/Gordana Halec (Martinez-Maza)

Attention Human Retrovirus Laboratory Meeting Presenters!!!

If you are unable to present at the lab meeting for which you are responsible (barring emergencies), please make every effort to arrange for another Lab Meeting Presenter to take your place. After you have changed your schedule, please contact Ting-Ting at 72218 or twu@mednet.ucla.edu to inform her of any changes you have made at least one week prior to your scheduled meeting.


AIDS Institute Grand Rounds

Supported by the UCLA CFAR

The Grand Rounds lecture series consists of hour-long lunchtime lectures, delivered by invited guests or distinguished members of the Institute faculty. The aims of the program are to highlight important developments in AIDS-related research, encourage collaborations between UCLA investigators and invited speakers, interest young investigators in AIDS research, and provide information about new findings and funding opportunities.




09/11/15 Dr. Blossom Damania Boshamer Distinguished Professor of Microbiology & Immunology and Assistant Dean of Research, UNC Chapel Hill
"Modulation of Innate Immunity by KSHV" 13-105 CHS
10/23/15 Dr. Mamuka Kvaratskhelia Professor, Ohio State University "Distinct roles of integrase in HIV-1 biology" Tamkin Auditorium


Dr. Stefan Baral Associate Professor, Department of Epidemiology, Johns Hopkins School of Public Health
Director, Key Populations Program
"Risks, Vulnerabilities, and Burden of HIV among Key Populations in Low and Middle Countries" 13-105 CHS


Dr. Collins Airhihenbuwa Professor and Head, Department of Biobehavioral Health, The Pennsylvania State University "Culture, Race, and Research: A Voyage of Head and Heart" 53-105 CHS
12/11/15 Dr. Debra Persaud Professor of Pediatrics, Johns Hopkins University School of Medicine "Prospects for Remission in Perinatal HIV Infection" 23-105 CHS
01/08/16 Dr. Kenneth Mayer Professor of Medicine, Harvard Medical School "A New Normal?: Sexual Health and Sexually Transmitted Infections in the Antiretrovirals for Prevention Era" 13-105 CHS


Dr. Nathaniel R. Landau 

Professor in the Department of Microbiology, NYU School of Medicine
"SAMHD1 restriction of HIV:  Starving the Virus" 13-105 CHS


Dr. Sybil Hosek 

John Stroger Hospital of Cook County "HIV Pre-Exposure Prophylaxis for Adolescents" 13-105 CHS


Dr. Pamela Collins 

Director, Office for Research on Disparities & Global Mental Health "Grand Challenges: Integrating Mental Health in Research, Policy, Practice." 13-105 CHS

Dr. Hans Peter Kiem

Professor, Fred Hutchinson Cancer Research Center "Hematopoietic Cell and Gene Therapy for HIV/AIDS" 13-105 CHS
05/13/16 Dr. Robert M. Grant
Professor, Gladstone Institutes, UCSF School of Medicine "PrEP Scale-up for Impact" 13-105 CHS


UCLA Meetings

  • N/A

National Meetings

  • March 3-5, 2016: 2016 Palm Springs Symposium on HIV/AIDS, "Host versus Pathogens"
    This is the 23rd  in an annual conference organized by the UCI Cancer Research Institute and the UCLA CFAR/AIDS Institute.  The aim of this conference is to provide the latest information and to facilitate discussion between researchers both in HIV/AIDS and in related disciplines.  The conference is scheduled for Thursday, March 3rd  through Sunday, March 6th.  All events (including sessions, meeting accommodations and meal functions) will be held at the Hyatt Palm Springs.  Scientific sessions will begin at 4:00 PM on March 3rd  and conclude on the evening of March 5th.  Meeting registration includes lodging for the nights of March 3 - 5th , allowing for departure on March 6th.
    Meeting and Registration information can be found at www.cri.bio.uci.edu.
    Abstract deadline is January 31st

  • November 14-16, 2016: Strategies for an HIV Cure 2016, Natcher Conference Center, Building 45, NIH (Bethesda, MD)
    The Division of AIDS, National Institute of Allergy and Infectious Diseases (NIAID), is in the early stages of planning the third "Strategies for an HIV Cure" workshop for November 14-16, 2016. The meeting will highlight current basic, translational, and clinical research related to HIV persistence and eradication, in hopes of stimulating new research ideas and collaborations. This event will also serve as the venue for the annual joint meeting of the Martin Delaney Collaboratories, including academic and industry partners, as well as community and scientific advisors. The meeting will be open to the public and registration is free

International Meetings

  • N/A



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