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UCLA AIDS Institute Center For Aids Research

Conferences and seminars

Conferences and seminars

UCLA AIDS Institute conferences, grand rounds and seminars.In This Section 


Weekly Cross-Disciplinary Conference

Tuesdays 9:00am, BSRB Room 154

Supported by the UCLA CFAR.

It is essential for researchers to keep abreast of the work being done by colleagues in a variety of disciplines. To facilitate this, the UCLA CFAR sponsors a weekly conference featuring presentations made by researchers working in both basic and translational sciences, clinical therapeutics and biomedical prevention. The topics covered include, among many others, novel therapeutics, vaccines, stem-cell research, aging, and viral pathogenesis.

Jan 6 Nicolas Webb (Lee)/Jan Mrazek (Yang)
Jan 13 Hannah Qi (Sun)/Ayub Ali (Yang)
Jan 20 Martin Luther King Day- NO MEETING
Jan 27 Jun Zho (Krogstad)/Xing Zhang (Zhou)
Feb 3 Emily Lowe (Zack)/Anjie Zhen (Kitchen) 
Feb 10 Hubert Arokium (Chen)/Douglas Yamada (Brooks)
Feb 17 Presidents Day- NO MEETING
Feb 24 Xiaowen Xu (Chow)/Joseph Kim (Yang)

Attention Human Retrovirus Laboratory Meeting Presenters!!!

If you are unable to present at the lab meeting for which you are responsible (barring emergencies), please make every effort to arrange for another Lab Meeting Presenter to take your place. After you have changed your schedule, please contact Ting-Ting at 72218 or twu@mednet.ucla.edu to inform her of any changes you have made at least one week prior to your scheduled meeting.


AIDS Institute Grand Rounds
Second Friday of each month

Supported by the UCLA CFAR

The Grand Rounds lecture series consists of hour-long lunchtime lectures, delivered by invited guests or distinguished members of the Institute faculty. The aims of the program are to highlight important developments in AIDS-related research, encourage collaborations between UCLA investigators and invited speakers, interest young investigators in AIDS research, and provide information about new findings and funding opportunities.


PROGRAM AREA (Title/topic)

09/12/14 Dr. Mark Wainberg 
Director, McGill AIDS Centre "What If HIV Could Not Develop Resistance to a New Integrase Inhibitor when that Compound Is used in First-Line Therapy?"
10/10/14 CANCELLED    

Dr. Sven Britton

Professor of Infectious Diseases, Karolinska Institute "An oral HIV vaccine based on a new type of "immunity" presently under testing in Stockholm"

Dr. Bernard Branson

Formerly, Associate Director for Laboratory Diagnostics, Office of the Director, Centers for Disease Control and Prevention, Division of HIV/AIDS Prevention "Where's My Western blot? Updated Testing Recommendations for Accurate Diagnosis of HIV"


Dr. King K. Holmes Director, University of Washington Department of Global Health and CFAR

"What you need to know about the STDs that more than half of your patients have"

01/09/15 Dr. Ted Trimble Director, NCI Center for Global Health "Global Cancer Control and Cancer Research: Perspectives from the US NCI."
02/13/15 Dr. J. Victor Garcia-Martinez UNC Institute for Global Health and Infectious Diseases. "Molecular and Cellular Basis of HIV Latency and Persistence."

Dr. Ricky Bluthenthal  RSVP

Professor, Department of Preventative Medicine, Institute for Health Promotion,
Keck School of Medicine, University of Southern California
"We can prevent HIV among people who inject drugs (PWID), but will we? Implementation barriers to evidence-based prevention for PWID"
03/30/15 Dr. David Williams Florence and Laura Norman Professor of Public Health, Harvard School of Public Health
Professor of African and African American Studies and of Sociology, Harvard University
"Research on Discrimination and Health: Lessons for the Study of HIV."
04/10/15 Dr. Jared Baeten Professor of Global Health, University of Washington School of Public Health.  
05/08/15 Dr Romas Geleziunas Director, Clinical Virology, Gilead Sciences Inc.  

UCLA Meetings

  • N/A

National Meetings

  • 2015 Palm Springs Symposium "HIV Disease: From Cause to Cure".  March 5-7, 2015.  More information
  • 2015 Center for AIDS Research (CFAR) Social and Behaviorial Sciences Research Network Conference. October 28-30.  More information

International Meetings

  • N/A



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